Dot Painting Workshop (Afternoon)

Maruku Arts Dot Painting Workshop provides a fun introduction to local Indigenous Art. Anangu paintings are created for educational and ceremonial purposes as well as telling of events that have occurred. Join local Indigenous artists and learn about the different symbols depicting Creation Time (Tjukurpa) stories.

Under the expert guidance of Maruku Arts and the local Indigenous artist have a go at creating your own dot-artwork to take home as a memento of your experience.

Dot Painting Workshops are held at Ayers Rock Resort, near the Town Square Lawn Area. At the end of the tour pay a visit to the adjacent Indigenous Art Markets to see local artists at work and purchase an authentic piece of Anangu art or craft to take home.

Please Note: Maruku Anangu employees are traditional aboriginal people with strong cultural obligations. In the event of ceremonial duties, unforeseen circumstances or weather conditions workshops may be altered, rescheduled or cancelled.

14:00-15:30 APR-SEP

13:30-15:00 OCT-MAR